This site is left online as a beacon for women or practitioners who are interested in learning about negative effects of the ultra high dosing hormone protocol known as the Wiley Protocol (TM).

The Rhythmic Living Internet discussion group began in October 2004 with a group of women who had begun the hormone protocol designed by T.S. Wiley.  Our practitioners wrote prescriptions for the high-dose regimen without knowing that it had not been tested at all, not even on animals.

Many of the Rhythmic Living members corresponded with TS “Susie” Wiley by cell phone because our practitioners had no experience in managing the side effects we experienced.  After several months, many women reported increasingly severe side-effects including…kidney pain, immune suppression, debilitating depression, weight gain, and hair loss.

Several group members with academic backgrounds began researching the actual scientific basis of Wiley’s claims in her book, Sex, Lies and Menopause.  What we found:  many of the footnotes in the book had obviously never been fact-checked because the citations did not reference appropriate studies or were just plain inaccurate.  When Wiley was asked about “cooking the books” regarding her documentation: Wiley’s publicist attacked Rhythmic Living members on the internet. Wiley’s husband began an email campaign repeatedly harassing the most vocal critics.  Wiley dismissed her critics as needing more estrogen.  She inexplicably defined that none of them were on or had ever used the protocol ‘correctly’.  A new term emerged.  Women with negative results were now deemed “non-compliant”.    What started out as a support group for Wiley Protocol users (producing the first documentation for the protocol) turned into a recovery group for those who suffered from the Wiley dosing regimen.

We began the investigation

A preliminary review of our Wiley Protocol experience points to the results of transdermal progesterone overdose. Few women ever experience side effects with 25 mg, but when progesterone is prescribed 8,200mg per month, our experience has shown the results can be catastrophic.  Progesterone, unlike estrogen, builds up in the tissues.  See the new article, Progesterone Dominance: An Insidious Problem for scientific documentation.  Read what happened to real women on the Wiley Protocol. We consulted the eminent progesterone researcher, Bent Formby, PhD., for scientific advice on our situation.  He has generously shared documentation on progesterone overdose effect with Rhythmic Living.  Please see Dr. Formby’s background as well as our interview with him, his literature excerpts, and his latest and important article about progesterone dominance.  Read about  TS Wiley’s reception at the progressive medical society, ACAM. Visit for the latest reports on the financial interests TS Wiley maintains in building an empire on an unresearched protocol.   Read the letter sent to Suzanne Somers’ by eminent bioidentical-literate physicians about Wiley’s lack of scientific or medical training. Read the latest Literature Excerpt: Progesterone increases estrogen levels in the breast.