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Provera is a synthetic progesterone-like drug. Young women who have had Depo-Provera shots to avoid pregnancy have similar negative symptoms as a large number of women on the Wiley Protocol. These symptoms do not happen in all Depo-Provera patients. The symptoms do not show up immediately. The stories sound very similar to ours. We speculate that women on the WP have the protective effect of estrogen until the progesterone gets built up too much. We are learning that estrogen appears to be an effective antidote to massive progesterone poisoning.


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We speculate that women on massive doses of estrogen appear to be able to counteract the effect of progesterone overdosing — for awhile. As the progesterone builds up in the fat tissue we speculate that estrogen needs increase.



Provera Warning from Pfizer: may cause you to lose calcium stored

in your bones. The longer you use Depo-Provera Contraceptive Injection the more

calcium you are likely to lose. The calcium may not return completely once you stop using Depo-Provera Contraceptive Injection. (to lessen concern of women in WP recovery we speculate that massive doses of estrogen may avert these problems)


Commentary about Depo Provera Stories and Women Who Feel Good on WP


Depo-Provera Horror Stories show very similar experiences as some women on the WP. Women appear to show the symptoms at varying rates over time. It is speculated that most of these Depo-Prevara women did not have estrogen replacement to counteract the progestins so their health deteriorated more rapidly than women on the WP.


Women on the WP are often encouraged to increase the dose of estrogen when negative symptoms begin to show up. It is speculated that this extra estrogen will down regulate the progesterone receptor and effectively block the overwhelming presence of the progesterone for awhile.


Estrogen appears to be the possible key to explain how some women can tolerate Depo-Provera and why some women are very happy on the WP. Perhaps young estrogen dominant women are the ones who can tolerate Depo-Provera shots? Progesterone dominant women on the WP often need to use larger amounts of estrogen to feel good.


Eventfully the extra estrogen can’t keep up to the effects of the progesterone poisoning. We speculate that some women perhaps store the progesterone in deadlocked tissue so little of it is released into the bloodstream therefore not causing the sensation of massive overdosing or they may not absorb all the progesterone through their skin. The testing for these possible variations has not been done with the WP.


We speculate that estrogen is an effective blocker for massive doses of progesterone because we find that women detoxing (wash out) from progesterone poisoning are effectively using massive doses to counter act progesterone’s negative affects on organs and body systems. See the discussion group for more information on this on going recovery project.


We are waiting for someone to examine their progesterone fat depot area with an ultra violet light to see if the hormone is deadlocked in the fat tissue in the area of application prior to detox and gone after detox. WP users were instructed to put the creams onto specific areas of their legs or arms in order to create depot deposits. This may have promoted tissue to deadlock the hormones in the fat.


Of course women on the WP could use escalating amounts of estrogen and double and double again their estrogen, but most scientists and educated practitioners would likely recommend detoxing (washing out) from the progesterone lodged in the tissues and then later embarking on a more rational OPTIMAL BHRT approach. Optimal BHRT is an approach used by anti-aging doctors.


It appears not enough is yet known about progesterone overdosing. This experience points to the need for more research. We suspect that even oral progesterone will accumulate in the tissues and the increase may not show up with blood testing.

Women with oral progesterone overdosing may still experience unpleasant low estrogen symptoms similar to those described by users of Depo Provera such as uncontrolled bleeding.


Deficiencies in testing methods or lack of understanding about the signs of progesterone overdosing and blocking of estrogen may lead to misunderstanding and misdiagnosis.


We do know of one woman on the WP who managed to stop her uncontrolled bleeding with double estrogen, but as the cluster of symptoms associated with progesterone overdosing and blocked estrogen appeared, the uncontrolled uterine bleeding reappeared.





FDA Black box warning


While it has long been known that Depo-Provera causes bone loss, it has recently been discovered that the osteoporotic effects of the injection grow worse the longer Depo Provera is administered and may last long after the injections are stopped. For this reason, on November 17, 2004 the United States Food and Drug Administration and Pfizer agreed to put a “black box” warning on Depo Provera’s label. The details of this black box warning can be found on the FDA website (http://www.fda.gov/bbs/topics/ANSWERS/2004/ANS01325.html).


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