Progesterone Toxicity

Symptoms of Progesterone Overdose

If you have been using progesterone it is important to understand that it can build up in your tissues and not easily show in serum and saliva tests.   See Dr. Formby’s articles and the discussion group for support of that statement.   Below are symptoms seen in members who had progesterone overdose.  Dr. Formby’s literature excepts support many of the symptoms we described.

Below are symptoms experienced by over 200 women on high doses of Progesterone: (With most of these symptoms they were gone during the estrogen phase and returned in the progesterone phase until the symptoms started creeping into the estrogen phase as the fat tissues became saturated with progesterone).

*immune suppression (all kinds of viruses, herpes, flu, etc) See Formby interview for discussion of immune suppression

*weak lungs and coughing

*depression (some women reported suicidal depression)

*sleepiness all day

*feeling sedated


*heart palpitations

*liver pain

*sore dry vagina

*loss of sex drive

*brain fog – some women reported being unable to drive

*extreme irritability

*mental lapses

*sore dry eyes

*sore joints

*sore muscles

*sores in mouth



*yeast infection

*excessive edema up to the waist – so extreme women needed new shoes and clothes

*dry chapped itchy skin

*aching neck


*kidney pains and possible stones

*insulin resistance

*high blood sugar

*cravings and runaway appetite

*weight gain

*headaches upon waking

*unusual headaches

*balding – male pattern hair loss especially with the hairline change like a T – hair falling out to the extreme – no new hair growing in

*very dry hair

*sleep disturbances

*thickening in the waist, belly fat

*extreme thirst!  Guzzling water.

* extreme urgency to urinate frequently


*facial hair, whiskers and fuzzy face during P phase, lasting longer each month

*loss of strength

*acne and hives

*moon face and puffiness

*deep tissue breast pain and heaviness

*nipple soreness

* eruptions at lymph node areas, groin, armpit, sides of abdomen

*awful progesterone smell from our armpits, smell of progesterone in our nose

*second trimester pregnancy tummy sticking out.


The hormone levels on the WP are so high (pregnancy levels) that several women reported developing linea negra which shows up on women in pregnancy. Here is apicture of one of the women. This woman in the picture and several others still had their WP branding 8 months after stopping the Wiley Protocol and switching to lower hormones.